The project Violina Dans is a break-through in tne morden violin music, it is new. Its uniqueness is in the combination of masterly playing in pop- jazz manner and morden club dances.

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Let us introduce to you a unique project “Violina Dans show”, an original show with an electric violin. The violin sounds, the authorized music and special laser show effects are harmoniously combined in this project. The project Violina Dans is a breakthrough in the modern violin music, a new style. Its uniqueness is in the combination of virtuoso pop and jazz techniques and modern club dance music. Use of modern technology in the sound of the electric violin down to the guitar sound! Violina Dans&Laser show a new project awarded a special prize at an international contest in the nomination Life stage performance. The debut of this show was presented in Las Vegas. The musical format of our project is different from Vanessa Mae’s one. Our music is stylish, beautiful and unforgettable! This is a step to the future in violin musical styles, these are Eurodance, Discohouse and SoftPopmusic. Violina Dans goes on tours all around the world. Only this year our team has been to the USA, France, Sardinia and Russia. And we are given a hearty welcome everywhere.. There are unique modern dance compositions and cover versions of legendary musical hits in the repertoire.(Tarantino –cinema, Nino Rota, Sting, G.Benson, Red nex and others) Musicians and dancers work in the team. The spirit of our project is a positive and original music charging people with good emotions. A professional video upon the composition “Soul” has been shot in France (Cannes) this year. Album “Attractive Force” has been released. Tours with solo concerts are regular. We hope the project “Violina Dans show” will arouse your interest! We can present our project to you on your company’s events, concerts, festivals. Solo concerts of Violina Dans are also possible. We can cooperate with other artists for the purpose to create something new and unique. On the website our videos, music, examples of the laser show and the rider are presented for you. Best regards, Violina Dans. +7-916-623-15-92
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