Instrument: electric violin, acoustic violin

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite band: De Phazz

Idol: Didier Lockwood

Musical Status: Doloist

Hobbies: tennis, motor

Hobbies: Tennis, Car races, Travel, Philosophy, Psychology.

Trivia: blue blood (great-grandmother studied at the Institute for Noble Maidens)

Favorite color: Turquoise

I was born at 4.45pm in the city of Oryol, the birthplace of famous Russian writers and poets - Turgenev, Leskov, Fet, Bunin. I come from a musical family: my mother is a wonderful violinist (who loves writing holiday event scripts), and my father is a no less remarkable musician: he condicts and plays almost all instruments that I am aware (even shichepshins - an Adyghe instrument). In one word, I have music in my blood.

My childhood was quite fun, but for some reason I had always been a very serious girl. Even as early as in the kindergarten, when all the kids would go for an afternoon nap I would always grab my folder and go to the music school. But whenever I did stay in the kindergarten, it was all about making a party! Ribbons, ballet slippers, musical instruments... and the joy was in everybody’s heart, even the teachers’!

Studying music was a pleasure. Probably because I liked to get straight As. And so I would get them! All of my music degrees (music school, music college, Gnesin Academy of Music) were cum laude. This strange habit to be the best has persisted until today. As they say here, “there are so many pleasurable things in life, but we want the good ones!” My career as a performer has always been very active. While I was in college, I won a scholarship of the international program “New Names.”

It happened pretty quickly that I found myself in the Gnesin Academy of Music, having to pass only two admission exams. And so my life in Moscow had begun, happy and sad, fun and tough.

The student dorm at the Academy was noisy no matter what time of day or night – everyone was “working on their technique.” You understand: Live sound was necessary! So life has never been quiet. I have been through orchestras and restaurants, which is what many musicians go through, but in my heart, I always knew that I wanted to play my own music, and it was not classical.
Then there were tours in Japan, Germany... A lot of intensive, hard work, and not always as exciting and creative as I wanted it to be.
It was not surprising that, after all, there was a long period of four years when I hardly ever played my, as I had always thought, beloved violin. Only occasionally, in a quartet.

During that time I acquired a second profession: a PR and Marketing specialist. So I worked and studied at the same time. But!
One fine day, I just quit my job. That's where it all began!

The most fun!

I became Violina Dans!

Six years of meticulous hard work on the album in a totally new violin format. I found my niche. The trouble is that pop or jazz violin are not taught anywhere in Russia. With a variety of departments at the Gnesin Academy or Ordynka Jazz College, there is no development in pop or jazz direction for the violin. After playing the classical violin for 20 years, I didn’t feel like a classical musician!

So, as a result of my research (a habit from my PR years) of the market of violin music, I discovered that the style of Violina Dans is totally new, not only in Russia, but also, interestingly – all over the world. It is a synthesis of jazz and pop techniques, using interesting sound processing, down even to the guitar sound. The main spirit of this music is positive and cheerful!

Dance rhythms get people moving, but in the slow compositions, the sound of the violin touches the heart. But this does not speak of misfortune and despair – rather the longing for the light! Maybe they did not name me Svetlana for nothing – it means “light” in Russian.
I bought a wonderful electric violin, although I was quite skeptical about “electricity” earlier. But when I heard this instrument, I totally changed my opinion. It can produce amazing, very beautiful sound!

People often ask me this question: “what is better, acoustic or electric violin?”
My answer is that they cannot be compared; they are two very different things. You just can’t compare French baguette with German whole-grain bread, although they are both bakery products!

Plans, ideas, inspirations and a new album are ahead. I love my work and I would be happy to share my ideas with people who want to do new, exciting, interesting things in art, music and entertainment. Let’s create together!!

With thanks and best wishes,
Your Violina Dans.

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